Ok its almost 2:00 a.m. and I should be fast asleep. But no such luck. Its one of those days when you just hang about all day, doing nothing much, but, come night, and there is this tremendous release of energy from some hidden reserve. And I mean tremendous. Its like how someone on speed would feel (I guess). Its like the raw energy you feel surging through you when you are up on stage, playing some good old rock music. "Here I am on the road again, Here I am up on the stage", something like that. Sitting here and listening to everything from Metallica to GNR to Sabbath, my fingers are itching to play the guitar. My legs are willing to run, willing to fly, willing to let loose. Wish I had a punching bag man. I'd beat the shit outta it.
Its funny, cuz I'm all happy and all, and normally one feels nice and relaxed in such situations. But here I am all pumped up about nothing! Its such a waste of resources man. Its more like one feels when one is angry and wants to lash out at everything.
Dash it all. I can't take this no more. Think I'll have to have a peg or two to calm my nerves down. This is when the contigency booze comes handy! Bring it on! Cheers mateys', I'm off for a stiff one. As Coolio once said, 'I'll see you when you get there, if you ever get there, see you when you get there...'


...fire in the sky...

Once in a while you come across such a sight, which leaves you absolutely speechless. Today, I came across such a spectacle, if I may call it that. Driving back home after an evening of merry-making, I was approaching the reclamation flyover, my spirits high, with the car deck cranked up, when in the distance I saw clouds of smoke billowing up into the pleasant December night. 'Jesus Christ, what might this be', I said to myself, as the pace of the traffic slowed to almost a crawl. Inching further, one could see an eerie orange glow being reflected on all buildings. What I saw left me so completely, utterly bewildered, that words would not do it justice, but I shall yet make an attempt to describe it.
The incandescence seemed to come from the very belly of the city, as if the roads had split open and the acute problems facing the city had manifested themselves into some dragon, which was now spewing out its vicious flames. Moving at a snails pace, one had enough time to realize the gravity of the situation. Flames, almost 30 feet high, were nearly licking the underside of the flyover, on the opposite side of the road. The roar and crackle of the fire sounded like wind gushing at high speeds, almost as if you were standing in a hurricane. The heat that you felt was like standing behind massive generator vans, expelling hot air. The embers flew in the sky, the smoke spread like an ominous cloud indicative of things to come.
The gentry stood atop the various vantage points, silhouetted against the glow beneath- by the flyover railings, atop cars, in buildings...... People parked their cars by the sides of the road to witness the destruction in progress. Auto rickshaw drivers were busy speculating the cause of the fire, only to happy to divulge the details to anyone who stopped by to ask. The entire scene was a chaotic mess, so characteristic of this city. The expressway, which is generally never choked, was not even offering way for the ambulances to get by.
Which brings me to think, have we all become so de-sensitized to the goings-on about us?? I mean I don't expect anyone to try and become a super-hero and jump headlong into the blaze to help the fire fighters. But the least we could do as moral citizens would be to get going our way & not create a nuisance for the emergency services. What is the point of seeing it all happen and not being able to do anything about it? What is the point of standing there and taking snaps from your mobile phones, only to forward it later to one and all saying 'you should have seen it man, it was so awesome!' Awesome maybe to you, but spare a thought for the victims. As always, it is the lowest rung of the society which suffers the most. These hapless slum dwellers would not have had a chance in that inferno.
Not to say that they are not to be blamed at all. What with them making illegal extensions to their already illegal dwellings, slums are an accident waiting to happen. But their lot will not improve. Not as long as they continue to have political backing. As long as politicians desire them as their vote bank, they will let them rot in the state they are in, with empty promises being met out every four years to the poor souls. The only thing they would probably be assured of is that their homes won't be bull-dozed the next time the BMC workforce comes a-visiting.
A sad situation indeed... with incidents like this being the norm, there soon may not be a vote bank left for them. Something for the politicians to ponder upon? Hah… unlikely…But maybe the next time you come across such a situation, don’t just stand there and gawk, but get a move on. There are others who might make more use of the space that you occupy. Try giving them a chance for a change…